Sponsor Us

Thank you for your interest in Queer Active’s sponsorship programs. Queer Active is a not-for-profit organization with a primary Mission and Strategic Vision of assisting Lower Mainland queer youth aged 16–25 to join one of the many queer sports leagues in the area.

We welcome both corporate and individual sponsors to support us in encouraging queer youth to be fitter, happier, better connected and to enjoy a greater sense of community through their participation in queer sports and recreational activities.

Queer Active has the programs in place to ensure your generous support is utilized professionally and with complete transparency.

The following are examples of some of the areas where Queer Active will put your greatly appreciated support to work:

  • Youth Bursary Program for offsetting equipment and registration fees.
  • Lower Mainland Annual Queer Sports Event.
  • Out-Reach Program to schools, colleges and universities.
  • Marketing & promotional support, including goods/services in-kind.
  • Queer Active’s yearly Pride Parade participation.

We also offer corporate sponsors the opportunity to ‘brand’ a particular event and/or program depending on the level of support and time commitment.

To confidentially discuss our corporate sponsorship opportunities in more detail, please contact Queer Active’s President, Tracey Williams.

The Queer Active board thanks you for your interest in helping us to help all Lower Mainland queer youth to “Come-Out & Play!”