Bursary Program

So you are looking to get active, make new queer friends, and have a whole lot of fun but aren’t quite sure if you can cover all the costs?

Well, you have found the right place. As part of Queer Active’s Strategic Vision we have developed a bursary program to assist queer youth aged 16 to 25 with offsetting equipment costs and registration fees in any of the Lower Mainland’s many queer sports leagues.

And if you want to play a particular team/group sport but a queer league doesn’t exist for it then Queer Active can provide financial help and organizational assistance to help you start a new sport group anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

So whether it’s softball, golf, volleyball, running, hockey, curling, swimming, dragon boating or one of the myriad other queer sport options in the Lower Mainland that interests you Queer Active’s bursary program is here to make them accessible to you.

To apply for financial so you can “Come Out & Play” email our friendly Treasurer, Aaron Thompson, at aaron@queeractive.com and tell him a little about yourself, including your age, location, financial limitations and the league you wish to join. It’s that simple!

The Queer Active board along with our corporate sponsors and individual benefactors encourage all queer youth to get involved in the many sport leagues regardless of financial circumstance and have established and manage this bursary program with that goal in mind.


Before getting the bursary, I had never really joined a sports team, mostly because of finances, but also because of the lack of motivation that came along with that; feeling as though I wasn’t at the same level as the others was another factor. The bursary opened the door for new experiences, and allowed me to finally be able to do more than just work out at the gym or go for a run. It allowed me to be active in a fun and social way, and to
join a team that doesn’t care if you’re the best or the worst. It gave me an opportunity to make new friends in a new setting, and to get the motivation to be a part of a team.